Age-associated diseases

Genomic variability

Genome analysis has opened access to the unbiased discovery of numerous genetic and epigenetic polymorphisms. With the support of bioinformatic and systems biology approaches, the evolution of such polymorphisms and their functional relation to diseases and ageing is investigated.


  • SNPs, copy number variations and DNA methylation (Cellerino, Platzer)
    collaboration with clinical partners on the detection and functional analyses of genetic & epigenetic variations determining the individual susceptibility to complex disorders (obisity, cancer, inflammation) and ageing; genetic variability in natural populations of N. furzeri with different lifespan
  • Comparative genomics (Platzer, Sühnel, Wilhelm*)
    of disease-causing pathogens (dermatophyte fungi) and model organisms; systems biology on the evolution of the genetic code and restriction enzyme recognition sites

* former group


disease_genomic Support Seneszenz Erkrankungen Neurodegeneration Metabolisches Syndrom Impaired tissue homeostasis Genomische Variabilität Krebs


Last update: March 20, 2008